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My Story

​I guess you could say I became a magician by accident!



October 5th, 1997 was a day I will never forget even though I don't remember it.  How?  It was my 37th birthday and I was working my full time job in a manufacturing facility.  I climbed a ladder leading to a catwalk platform to troubleshoot an issue.  Believing all equipment to be shut down and locked out, I knelt on my knees and placed my head between two handrails so I could look around the hot oil pipes located to my right.

It was very hot due to the oil temperature being above 400 degrees.  Below me was a huge elevator.  While I was observing the issue, the elevator went into motion rising ever so quietly.  I was wearing ear muff hearing protection and could not hear any sound from the elevator.  A piece of angle iron caught me just above my collar bone and cut into my neck several inches along my carotid artery.  It lifted me off my knees and snapped my neck over the top handrail pinning me helpless.  The hot handrail was burning into the right side of my neck while the elevator had torn into my skin on the left side.  It took my left ear to the top of my head but miraculously never severed my carotid artery. My body began shutting down like somebody was turning off switches inside me.  My last conscious thought was "Oh God, I'm dead!"

I was not breathing when my body was discovered on the platform.  A maintenance man had climbed the ladder to replace a faulty part.  He asked me what I was looking at and after I didn't respond, he noticed all the blood.  He instinctively pulled me from the equipment and was shocked to find his hand inside my head.  He pounded my chest with his fist.  A large amount of blood gushed from my mouth and I began to breathe.  This man had saved my life!

On that birthday, I received an ambulance ride to the local hospital, a helicopter ride to a trauma center, and an airplane ride to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV.  An emergency surgical tracheotomy had to be performed to alleviate body swelling.  My C-2 spine was fractured, my left ear was severed a full 360 degrees from the canal, my arms were paralyzed from nerve damage, several teeth were broken, and my tongue was hanging by a small piece of skin.  That wasn't even the scary part.

After being in a coma several days, I became conscious. I was in unfamiliar surroundings.  Unknown to me, my bed was in a vertical position to alleviate body swelling.  My sister would later tell me I looked like I weighed 350 pounds.  My normal weight was just below 200 pounds.  I felt the sensation of lying down in bed but my mind thought the glass windows around the room were actually a glass ceiling.  I could see people moving about but how were they walking on the walls?  Where was I?  Did I die and go somewhere beyond Earth?  I couldn't speak to ask any questions.  My sister looked like my sister but she was walking on the walls too!  I had to try to escape from there so I kicked a nurse in the head while she was trying to help me.  All that accomplished was getting me strapped to my bed unable to move and thinking "These people are trying to kill me!"

A doctor later described the severity of my injuries.  He told me 50% of people with my injuries die instantly, 25% who survive need lifelong assistance performing everyday simple tasks, and 24% can lead a near normal independent lifestyle.  My analytical mind couldn't help but wonder about the other one percent.

 I underwent extensive physical therapy for a full year and was able to return to my job full time.  As I grew stronger, I began to notice some peculiar activity seemingly coming from my brain.  There were times I didn't need a calculator to balance my bank statements.  I once walked into a Wal-mart and was asked to take a chance on a raffle to win a handmade quilt by guessing the number of jelly beans inside a jar.  I instantly knew the jar contained 636 jelly beans.  I was notified three days later I was the winner and the first person to ever correctly guess the exact number!  Sometimes, I can see things before they actually happen!  While in the company of friends or family members on several occasions, I could sense the presence of a snake and sure enough someone would eventually scream out after it was discovered.  I couldn't help but wonder, "Am I some sort of freak?"  Was I becoming part of the 1% club my doctor had failed to mention? 

I prefer to think of my talent as a gift and rather risk being labeled as a freak, I have decided to become a self taught magician. I wish to entertain and fuel the imagination inside people's minds.  Do you believe in magic?

.....He does an AWESOME JOB......Crescent Elementary loved his Magic Show.....He takes bookings !!!!!!!!!  Very Amazing !!!

– Melissa Toney